Saturday, 7 March 2015

In My Kitchen March 2015

In my kitchen are root vegetables.  

I have been doing a lot of cooking with a  selection of  traditional winter vegetables.   In these "between" days, when winter hasn't quite gone and spring hasn't quite arrived. I want to eat  comforting, warming foods, and food made using root vegetables fits the bill nicely.    Parsnips are my favourite and among dishes I enjoy eating at this time of the year are Spicy Parsnip soup, Parsnip Gnocchi,  and Roast Parsnips.    Another dish that I made for the first time, and which hubby and I both liked very much, was  Root Vegetable Cakes (from The Kitchen Revolution by Rosie Sykes, Polly Russell and Zoe Heron).  These used a mixture of swede, parsnip and leeks.  We ate them with fried eggs and homemade tomato relish.

In my kitchen is kale

This came from a local Farmer's Market.   I served it shredded and gently cooked in an inch or so of water, as a green vegetable.  

In my kitchen are Tiramisu wafers.

These are lovely for elevenses with a mug of milky coffee.

I was interested to read about The VegOut Challenge that Francine writes about in her blog Life In The Food Lane.   It is an interesting challenge and one that I would like to try a bit later in the year.


  1. I really think I need tiramisu wafers in my life!!! Our winter veg didn't do too well this year, the slugs had a feast, so not much to harvest at the moment. #sadface
    Kavey (my first time joining IMK this month!)

  2. Tiramisu wafers sound good. I'm looking forward to the first spring veg as we seem to have been eating root veg for ages.

  3. We are in the 'between days' at this end of the world too. Summer has officially ended but the temperatures are hotter still than they were a month ago. I look at your root vegetables and think – will I ever be able to cook another soup? cheers

  4. i think winter is never coming to brisbane. it is so darn hot this week even tho we are getting to the end of march. winter soups etc would be lovely if ever the weather cools down.:)